Turbocharger Model - ECL756

(Non - bolt on type compressor cover. 3" Entry)

No exchange required.

Guy – Diesel Australia
“This is the fastest and most responsive turbo I’ve ever driven on a 1HD-FT. The boost response after a gear change is instant. Torque is there and ready to go in just about any gear or rpm, and wants to keep pulling all the way to redline.”

Dyno Results are still to come!


Torque and Air Fuel Ratio

Boost Pressure


We have been working on these for some time perfecting and revising until we are completely happy with the reliability and performance of this custom dual ball bearing turbocharger for the Landcruiser 4.2. Designed from a blank sheet of paper, our focus has been on drive-ability, transitions, boost response and fuel economy all while maintaining the highest efficiency possible. With a very impressive 380rwnm at only 1350rpm and peak torque over 600rwnm at 1900rpm, this turbocharger does not require the same boost pressure as other turbochargers in order to flow the density required to achieve these results. With low turbine back pressure the torque holds for a sustained amount of time having 510rwnm at 3100rpm, this can also been seen in the turbines discharge temperature and lack of compressor surge. Although these dyno graphs look very impressive they only depict about 1/3 of the actual turbochargers drive-ability and performance.
Key features

  • Absolutely zero lag
  • Minimal sound
  • Rush of torque during spool up
  • The capability of pushing flow after peak boost pressure has been achieved (where other turbochargers can feel like they fall over).

To the driver, breathing on the throttle creates and instant torque response even with very little boost pressure increase. And will sustain this wall of torque right into very high rpm.

Quality Assurance

All Turbochargers are designed, developed, assembled, balanced, tested and calibrated in house to the highest possible standards in order to minimize any issues before being shipped out. Followed up by our customer support for all of our dealer network.

Flowed/split pulse stainless steel exhaust manifolds also available.