Eclipse Turbo Systems

Eclipse Turbo Systems is founded on the development of innovative designed turbochargers providing a high quality product based specifically around each chosen engine’s specification, for the performance turbo diesel industry. Our innovative approach to turbocharging allows us to focus on engine drive-ability maintaining a high level of torque and improved driver experience. Established in 2017, our engineers have been designing and testing performance equipment for decades. Lead by head engineer Peter Winn (a legend in the industry) with over 40 years of turbo diesel performance experience, and a no-nonsense approach to realistic achievements, using our own unique product development and processes to bring innovative technologies to the market.

Our focus is to develop turbochargers along with quality designed supporting equipment. It is important for us to ensure the customer receives all critical supporting components that complement each other, for an improved driving experience. Customer knowledge base is also high on our agenda with education and understanding being the key to making the right choices. Know that we are diligently developing and testing multiple models of turbochargers simultaneously to progressively widen our range. This will include direct replacement modern VNT turbocharger ranges.

Distribution is through our ever growing global dealer network, who receive the FULL support of Eclipse Turbo Systems to ensure the best possible service and experience for our customers.


"Developing a dual ball bearing turbocharger unit is one of the highest accolades within the industry"

There is no denying the superiority of a dual ball bearing turbocharger.

In the 1990s, Garrett® engineers developed a radically new and extremely efficient turbocharger. With opposed angular contact dual ball bearing advances, that provided crisper and stronger throttle response, faster than a traditional journal bearing system – with less drag. The patented dual ball bearing design also requires less oil to provide adequate lubrication and cooling. Lowering the oil volume also makes the bearings more resilient to low lubrication conditions and diminishes the possibility of turbocharger failure on engine shut down. The dual ball bearing system also gives better damping and control over shaft motion (axial and radial) allowing enhanced reliability for both everyday and extreme driving conditions. The opposed angular contact bearing system eliminates the need for a thrust bearing (commonly acknowledged as the weak link in journal bearing turbocharger systems). 

Eclipse Turbo Systems Dual Ball Bearing Turbochargers

After 3 Years in turbocharger and bearing design and development, this complete engineered turbocharger system, embodies the latest in turbocharger design and advances for all aspects of turbocharging. After years of rigorous and prolonged testing this series of turbocharger has exceeded expectations. Special attention has been paid to thermal stress analysis, and burst containment tests with customer safety in mind. Other factors, from materials/treatments and handling, machining tolerances, turbine and compressor flow and efficiencies, to virtually eliminating the turbocharger’s low speed harmonics – has resulted in a stable, high quality and reliable product. The pinnacle of this implemented engineering, is performance. The Eclipse Turbo Systems series dual ball bearing turbocharger development has been a huge undertaking, with an investment of thousands of hours of labour, and research and development costs. We now join the ranks of only a handful of turbocharger manufacturing companies world wide to succeed in this endeavour. This dual ball bearing turbocharger series development, has seen us venture to the USA, Germany, Poland, Norway, Singapore, China, with further development taking us to Japan, Thailand and the United Kingdom. 

Machinery and Equipment

Australian owned and operated, we have sought only the finest machinery and engineers from around the world to complement our turbocharger production quality and manufacturing. Our testing criteria also saw the development of the only turbocharger dyno (custom built) in Australia, thanks to our great team of Eclipse Turbo Systems’ engineers (one of them being the research and development engineer from Cimat).

Raw materials and quality – As Australia doesn’t have the facilities to produce some of our components, they must be produced/cast overseas to our strict quality control and assurance. Machining, assembly, balancing and testing is all conducted and completed in Australia, for world wide distribution.