JBTurbo Turbo Range

Purchasing a 1HZ turbocharger kit and making the right decision is a very hard choice, and some are very expensive. You want to be happy with results and not waste your money or end up with a stressed and overheating engine. This is how JBTurbo came to be. For years I listened to the wrong advice and recommendations from people. I tried very many different turbochargers, 1HZ turbo kits from Ebay and turbo companies with varying results. Some I found were just total rubbish (sorry but true), bad reliability and manufacture quality. Others had good performance but caused high temperatures so I was not happy to use it long term. So much time and money was wasted. Until I started to get the right advice, and try a new way. 


Next and most important was quality and reliability! After I had tested the balance of Ebay and “other name brand” turbochargers, some turbocharger results were very poor and read very high above what is recommended safe on the turbo balance machine. Furthermore I am told close to 1/4 of all tested turbochargers would not last long on a vehicle, or some may potentially fail straight away. This was not acceptable or value for money, and what I would have put on my engine had I not known. All JBTurbo balancing is done to very high standards in Australia much better than the industry standard. This is not cheap to do, but must be done to ensure reliability. High quality sourced parts are assembly and quality inspected by qualified people in Australia. This also helps reduce any potential issues. These processes are what makes JBTurbo very reliable and competitive. 


I do not claim this is the highest performing turbocharger on the market. But it is very reliable which 1HZ owners are looking for, with very good results. A 1HZ is not a race car, it is a reliable work horse.


We know how difficult installations can be, so we have also made what we think is the easiest to install 1HZ turbocharger kit on the market. Everything is designed to make things simple, with installation videos.

Value for money and great service

Great price and great service means a lot to JBTurbo. I understand that no matter how great a product is, sometimes issues can still happen. Our service means we will address any issues in a very honest, professional, fair and timely manner for the best possible outcome. 


I do not think 1HZ turbo kits should be so expensive and I want to give the best value for money. Do not think that the price does not mean high quality! This just means that we must sell more. So please spread the word, your kind words and feedback mean a lot to us. JBTurbo was started to help other 1HZ owners (just like me) who are seeking to turbocharger their engine, by sharing previous mistakes, offering advice and providing a great value for money product and service. This is only a small business and we are very proud of our turbochargers and turbocharger kits. We hope to make you just as happy.


Thank You for supporting JBTurbo.