JBTurbo 1HZ Kit

1HZ Turbocharger kit

JBTurbo custom oil feed/return 1HZ Turbocharger kit​

Custom sandwich plate

The custom made aluminium sandwich plate fits between oil cooler and the oil filter sealed via a viton O-ring, supplying fresh oil at the correct pressures to the turbocharger. Featuring a stainless steel female to male adaptor.

Stainless steel braided oil line

This is the more flexible and durable non PTFE type, as the PTFE when bent can kink the inner plastic tube causing a restriction in oil flow.

Stainless steel sump plug press fitting

After the sump has been “spiked” simply add the RTV silicone and “knock” into the sump. Machined barbs hold the fitting in place until the gasket has dried and formed a seal.

NBR oil return hose 

This connects from the turbocharger to the oil return fitting completing the oil drain system.

What's included in the kit

Everything pictured!

  • Exhaust manifold (Nuts, Bolts and Exhaust manifold to turbocharger gasket)
  • High Flowed JBTurbo CT26 turbocharger (Dump pipe studs, Nuts, Turbo to dump pipe gasket, Oil feed and Return fitting)
  • Silicone hoses (Factory airbox to turbocharger inlet, Turbocharger to intake pipe, Clamps and T-bolts, Cap for EGR block)
  • 1HZ oil sandwich plate (Stainless steel male to female fitting, Viton O-ring, 4AN fitting)
  • Oil return hose (NBR rubber hose and Clamps)
  • Oil return fitting (Stainless steel press fit fitting)
  • Also supplied but not pictured in the install kit is the sump spike and high temperature RTV silicone sealant.

What is left to do after installation?

All that is required is to connect the exhaust system to the turbocharger and tune!
The turbocharger is a JBTurbo High Flowed CT26 base the same as the factory turbocharged 1HDT landcruiser engine. If you have a HZJ80 series, a factory 3″ exhaust system will fit straight on, the turbocharger is the same bolt pattern as the factory turbocharger, and in the same factory location. HZJ75, HZJ79, HZJ105 models will require an exhaust shop to connect. Some exhaust system companies already make a Turbocharger exhaust for these models but please check with your local exhaust shop.

HZJ79 and HZJ105 series that have the later cross pipe with EGR and valve, we recommend changing this to the early type cross pipe for better performance and easier installation. These can be purchased at a wreckers for about $30.


How to install and tune your JBTurbo Landcruiser 1hz turbo kit

What Increase in Power can I expect?

The JBTurbo 1hz Turbo kit will make around 80-100rwkw / 290-350rwnm from 10 to 15psi tuned at 20:1 AFR (Air Fuel Ratio). With this turbocharger 20:1 is the recommended safe tune and will see 500°C EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) at full load and very safe for towing. A 3″ flowing exhaust is standard practice when a 1HZ diesel engine is turbocharged.

Tommo's JBTurbo 1hz with 400 000k's


Does this turbocharger kit come with any warranty?

Yes, 12 Months / 20 000 km warranty.

What boost pressure will this turbo run?

The waste gate is set to 10-11psi, the same as the factory 1HDT turbocharger. By using a T-Boost controller is can be safely turned up to 15psi maximum.

What other items will I need after installation?

You will only need to connect the turbo to the exhaust, and tune.

Can you offer installation and tune?

Yes, we can help with installation and tune from people experienced with JBTurbo.

Do I need to upgrade my clutch?

It depends on the condition of the clutch. The torque is very smooth and in most cases from past experience the factory clutch is usually fine.

Will my 1HZ be just as reliable after installing a turbocharger?

Yes, providing you keep up regular maintenance and oil changes.

Will my engine use more fuel?

This will depend on the injector’s pump tune before and after turbo installation, as well other parts used that can influence fuel economy. Fuel economy is usually the same or better as you will use less throttle position now that the engine is making more torque.

Will my 1HZ engine need to be rebuilt in order to run this turbo?

No, the turbocharger and tune has been designed to work in with the factory internals.

Will this shorten the life span of my engine?

This is very hard to answer. There is no real evidence to suggest either way. If your 1HZ engine already has a underlying problem, then turbocharging will just make this problem more prevalent. Turbocharged 1HZ engines when done correctly can last just as long as a non turbocharged engine. Tuning will also influence this factor.

Can I install this turbocharger myself?

Yes, if you have the tools, knowledge and mechanical capability. But please be advised that damage to turbochargers during installation will not be covered under warranty.

Can I tune the engine myself?

No, tuning will require specialised equipment and needs to be completed by a experienced tuner. Tuned to 20/22:1 AFR (Air Fuel Ratio)

Will this cause my engine to overheat?

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.No, A turbocharger increases the air density going into the engine. This leans out the ratio of air to fuel (AFR = Air Fuel Ratio). Running too much fuel from incorrect tune, or an insufficient cooling system well under factory specification can be a cause of this.

How reliable is this turbocharger?

Very reliable. Industry standard for balancing is 1.0g, JBTurbo turbocharger are balanced down to 0.2g, 5 times better than industry standard. And manufactured from high quality parts.

What servicing will my turbocharger require?

Regular 10 000km oil changes, and check the lines for leaks or blockages.

Will I need to change my exhaust from 2"?

Yes, it is very well advised to run a 3″ flowing exhaust with your 4.2 litre turbo diesel engine.

Will I need to upgrade my factory airbox?

It is not 100% required. But a factory airbox with better flowing (or clean) filter/ aftermarket airbox will increase throttle response and help with fuel economy.

Do I need to run water with this turbocharger?

This is not required. A journal bearing’s design uses a large flow of oil. The oil temperature is around 100°C, this will keep the bearing cool and turbocharger’s life long. They do come with the water ports if you choose to add water cooling.

Only 1 side of the water gallery has a blanking plate and the other side is open. Is this normal?

Yes, one side is blocked but the other remains open to help vent hot air from the CHRA.

Can I twist the compressor cover to suit a custom cross over pipe/ intercooler?

No, by twisting the compressor cover it can dislodge the C clip holding it in place. If the compressor cover becomes free it will cause a turbocharger failure.

Will I need to upgrade my injector pump?

No, this turbocharger is designed to run and work within the factory 10mm injector pump’s limit.

My 1HZ engine has high kilometres, will it be alright to turbocharge?

Yes, a 1hz engine with decent kilometres is actually perfect for turbocharging, as the rings and compression are now best suited to a turbocharger. But if the engine, pump or injectors are very warn out, performance will not be as good.

Do I need to intercool my engine?

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.It is optional but not 100% required. The engine will only make power relative to the amount of fuel being supplied by the injector pump. This turbocharger produces enough air density to reach close to the limit of the stock injector pump, so adding an intercooler will see small gains – but will lean the engine out and run much cooler. If adding an intercooler, we recommend FRONT MOUNT as top mounts can heat soak and cause overheating issues.